3 things industrial services brands have to get right

The industrial services portfolio often expands and evolves with the needs of its clients. While a great model for growth and customer-centricity, success can give rise to a specific set of challenges as the market itself evolves or as the company expands into new categories or geographies. Before long, what the company does has evolved well beyond the original About Us page - and employees or customers in different parts of the company can have vastly different perceptions about the company’s core promise.

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Jonathan Paisner
We have to talk: There is no substitute for talking to your B2B customers about your brand.

Your brand is built on relationships with customers and prospects; it’s built on the emotional connections you’ve been able to make over the years; it’s built by nuance, authenticity and a range other qualitative factors. Big data can help you find correlations and behavioral trends - but big data does a better job of telling what happens than it does of telling you why. And why is at the heart of your brand.

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